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A resume plays a crucial role in your career, as it is the first impression a potential employer will have of you and can be the difference between landing a job interview or not. However, with recruiters reviewing hundreds of resumes per day, even those with the right qualifications and skills may be overlooked if their resume is not up to par. Get a FREE unbiased review and feedback on impact, brevity, style, and skill, all in accordance with current industry standards.

How it works

3/4 resumes get rejected by Applicant Tracking Systems

Did you know 3/4 resumes are never actually seen by the hiring manager after being screened by ATS software? Submit your resume for a free bespoke review & ATS check now.

What do our resume writers look for in your review?

We evaluate the design, sections, layout, impact and written content of your resume. We run through a complete checklist, ensuring the advice given is bespoke and personalized to you, your resume and your career history. We check compatibility with ATS systems, ensuring that your resume's template is optimized for resume scanners, and if you tell us the roles you're applying for, we'll provide an ATS score out of 100 against those positions/job titles.

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