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On average, Resume People® clients secure 4X more interviews & land their next position twice as fast!

The pursuit of excellence. An executive resume unlike the rest.

It is from that very first consultation call to the moment your document emerges from our quality control department, an unlimited amount of hours are devoted to research, consultations, document drafting and ATS testing to ensure that every detail of the resume embodies the excellence of the Resume People® brand. Presenting a resume crafted by Resume People® enables entry into a professional world of unlimited possibilities.

Executive resumes crafted with
scrupulous attention to detail.

For over a decade, Resume People® have driven significant career progression to senior executives across Canada. Resume People's commitment to precision, excellence and attention to detail positions the company as the market leader in executive career consultancy services. Resume People® clients secure on average; 4x more interviews, 3x more job offers, a 24% salary increase and get hired twice as fast!


The quality of a Resume People resume is the result of a strict methodology.

An integrated and independent company, Resume People is host to a variety of professions, brought to life by career consultants who are experts in their respective fields. This diversity comes from the company’s complete control over its elite writing process. The brand is able to constantly reinforce its quality requirements thanks to its proprietary training program. Its know-how is also made available right across Canada thanks to an exceptional after-sales and customer service team. Resume People's company culture is based above all on human values, which place both expertise and soft skills at the heart of the brand’s different activities.


We're pioneers. Passionate, meticulous & always striving for perfection.

Resume People® employ the industry's top talent; the most experienced, highest-rated resume writing team in Canada. Our elite team of career consultants share a passion for excellence, innovation and improvement. They have always been united in one aim – to achieve the best possible quality while striving for perfection. Since our humble beginnings over a decade ago, the story of Resume People® has been characterized by the quest for distinction and the ambition to push back the boundaries ensuring every client is presented as the ideal candidate within their application.

Results that speak for themselves. Other services just don't compare! Our elite resume writing service is one of absolute care, attention to detail & passion.

24% Salary Increase

4X More Interviews

3X More 
Job Offers

Tested to be triumphant.
Dominate your competition.

Are your peers outperforming you in the application process? Are you constantly getting rejected or receiving no feedback at all? From the first stages of consulting with you to presenting a truly bespoke, and powerful resume, our career consultants act as "career companions" who will accompany you as your career progresses. They will remain your point of contact for future additions. You simply will not find a more qualified or experienced executive resume writing team in Canada!


Professionally designed & fully ATS optimized. We give you the option to choose your preferred resume design!

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Before we put pen to paper, we research the positions you wish to apply for, so we can target your resume




We take the time to learn about your previous skills, experience and achievements. This call usually lasts around an hour.



Once your consultation call is complete, we'll create your new resume from scratch, guaranteed within 2 business days.



Unlike budget services, we don't stop working until you have the perfect resume. As part of our 100% guarantee, you get unlimited revisions.


Don't just take our word for it....when ordering bespoke services you need 100% confidence in your hire! We've secured interviews for over 24,000 happy clients since 2011, this is what they said.

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